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Mr. Rahn Monrea'L

Founder & C.E.O

Rahn MonreaL started as a small exterminator, expanding to wildlife control, due to his dedication to safe and fast removal for both home owners and the animals. As his business grew, he has hired the best people to join him in his efforts to provide the best pest control and wildlife control services.

(Statement from Rahn , the owner)

My employees and friends tell me I am not that good with people I agree. However, anyone that knows me will tell you that animals come first, be it wild life or domestic life. I seriously believe I was put on this earth for a short time that I'm here to help the animals. And sometimes, I get frustrated with people the way they treat animals and it shows when I talk to people. for this, I don't apologize. But when you get to know me, you will understand my hearts in the right place. If you use our business. I'm always reachable, and do not hesitate to ask for me. All of us here will go above and beyond to help you, our customers with any lost As longnstruction

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610 522-1113

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